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Vocational Skills Development for the Youth

The Vocational Skills Training Program aims at addressing the challenge of high rates of unemployment due to lack of employable skills among the youth in the greater Kibaale District and …

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Rural Agriculture Development

The main goal in this sector is to expand outreach of agricultural development services to the poor small-scale farmers so that they may have improved food security and incomes for …

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Water and Sanitation Programme

Improving accessibility to clean and safer water as well as clean and decent sanitary facilities for rural communities and public institutions such as schools and health centres is another core …

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Emergency Relief Intervation

EDF has been active in responding to emergencies mainly of refugees and disease outbreaks including COVID-19 and Ebola.

EDF provides drugs and other Non-Food Items to improve the health status …

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Community Health Programme

In a bid to increase access of the rural poor to health services (both curative and preventive) so as to reduce the high morbidity and mortality levels, EDF runs an …

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